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Nice long scene with five cute girls. Was a nice dramatic moment though. Sexy black ass tits. Naked women flogged. Later, we see the marks on her back as she is laying on a shower floor. Whip to orgasm views.

The other woman isn't whipped, but has her private parts poked with a sword. If anyone has more info on this film I'd love to hear about it. The slave receives 3 or 4 lashes before the queen is interrupted by a male vistor. It's shot from the front. The guards then stabbed her once again. Later, Deborah Raffin is whipped, but all we see is her face as her gown is torn down her back and the first lash hits her. Naked and afraid hot. The scene fades from her face and squeals of pain to an exterior shot of the castle.

Whipping fat ass of my slave Paula views. Pretty Baby - Brooke Shields is a child prostitute. Two women wearing bras and pants are tied AOH and whipped ferociously by Joe, who alternates his lashes between them. Guess I made a mistake with this one! Would have been a whole lot better if they had tied her up first. Then, Wang was placed in a large wine jar, where she finally died. Has a scene where the main characters watch Dr. You can't really see what's going on, and most of the shots are of the bloke whipping away.

Whip Japanese Latex Crop whip. Revenge for a Sister - is a french movie fromwhere a girl wants to kill some men that raped and killed her young sister: Humiliating a disobient slave views. Both of these are long scenes and many marks appear.

Cargo of Love - Disobedient white slave girl is tied face down and naked to a bed and whipped by the Head Mistresswhile two goons watch. Beautiful naked thick girls. The end of the scene is a better lighted view of Marie-Pierre Castel's nude body hanging by her wrists from the chains. Hollywood Babylon - Soft-core production has a scene in which a naked woman is tied face down on a table and is weakly whipped on her back and buttocks by a woman as a film director looks on.

Intimate Moments - A businessman is surprised when the call girl he requested to join him on his plane turns out to be his own administrative assistant. Le piacevoli notti - it's an italian comedy with two scenes: The ugly butler severely lashes her body with a cat-o-nine whip. Her reactions are very nice. She's also topless, but it's shot in such a way that you see no boobage.

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Like the rest of the movie, this scene is artistic and well-done. Unfortunately, it's another nighttime scene, but by morning, we get a look at multiple stripes across their backs.

Lady Jane Grayplayed by English rose Helen Bonham Carter is refusing her mothers plan for her to enter into a political marriage. Lesbian wrestling loser fked. Not a real attractive victim, but an interesting scene nonetheless.

We see 5 lashes given to her back. Bloodsucking Freaks - aka The Heritage of Caligula?! Unfortunately, my copy is extremely poor quality - and this is one case where the fact that it's letterboxed makes it even more difficult to view. Matt on May 22, She's not tied though, she's sitting on her bed trying to shield herself from the blows of the whip. Naked women flogged. Cry of the Banshee - This is probably the only film that features cart-tail whipping that was so commonplace in England at one time.

It gave period atmosphere to the decadence of l's Germany. Whip Spanking Humiliation Brunette. Christians and other non-Muslims sometimes choose a flogging to avoid a lengthy court process and jail term. Shakeela hot nude. One executioner even suggests that Elena smelled particularly bad prior to the trial, perhaps having wet herself from fear.

A serial killer involved with the infamous Affair of the Poisons, she conspired to kill her own father and brothers to inherit their land. Played for laughs, but a nice scene nevertheless.

Flogging her tits and pinching her nipples views. She is tied to a post and is topless for much of the scene. Belle De Jour - In the opening scene of this film, Catherine Deneuve is taken out into the woods with her husband. Finally, a woman is tied with rose thorns and then brutally whipped with more thorns. Griffith film, a German officer whips Lillian Gish for not working fast enough.

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Added to your saves. He doesn't like this and ends up killing her. Fake looking, but the woman's writhing is kinda nice. Escape From Hell - A lovely redhead Patrizia Gori is chained to a short whipping post as is whipped by two women. Sexy hot girls tied up. Cunnilingus Lesbian Stockings Brunette Whip. The gangsters unbutton her shirt and remove it, chain her wrists above her head, spread her legs to chain her ankles, move her long hair to the front of her to expose her bare back, show her the whip and measure the distance of how far to stand.

The young man who was to give the whipping almost breaks into tears. Very realistic sounds and screaming, but that's all we get.

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