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Remember, Football Causes Brain Damage! It could never be her real body because they are not making a film. Like I said, evidence is not present, but you're reaching for conclusions anyway. Pretty busty nude. There are no levels or stats to increase. Personally I think she might have a case, especially in a game which explicitly takes her likeness, uses her name, and is made by a director who strives to make games which blur the line with movies. Beyond two souls ellen page naked. We've reached out to Sony about these screenshots and will update once we hear back.

That's a slightly less gross possible explanation. Why wouldn't they delete it so that hackers like the Reddit user don't obtain access to it? And only on the basis that she has a non nude policy in her movies. You may also like Your argument about negligence is faulty and irrelevant because 1 they proactively built a detailed nude model which is presumably more difficult than leaving her privates blank and 2 "negligence" isn't a thing that would factor into making the breach of contract less serious and wouldn't shield them from any legal consequences.

It turns out that a shower scene featuring her character Jodie Holmes was rendered with naughty bits and all, and then covered up for use in the game, which of course meant that a simple change of camera angle revealed the young Ms.

And that is embarrassing, disgusting, and shitty business. Whether or not the Beyond: The screens appeared to be from a debug PS3, not a conventional retail system or at least one running in a debug mode. Escort massage derby. Of course, that someone went through the trouble to do this isn't surprising: It would be safer, as you stated, to go with a less detailed model from knees to busts than to allow yourself to be open to litigation.

Funnily enough, some users have been asking Page on Twitter if she actually did a full nude body scan for Beyondbut it doesn't look like there's a lot of responsive chatter about the now infamous scene.

All we have is ONE small site writing about this. They created something that in a certain context could be seen as a breach of contract and included it in retail copies of the game.

I understand you think pretty fucking low of me, especially if you think I hate one half of the world's population, but if you're going to argue law you should get at least a familiarity with it. The screenshots come from an actual shower scene in the gameā€”but the scene never shows Page's bare breasts: There are so many sexual mods for the Sims 2.

Why this is different from any random fan who creates a nude model or whatever for Lara Croft is that these are professionals that are supposed to represent this medium. I'm not going to defend anything Darji says, because that guy has about as much understanding of the mechanics of law and fairness as your average SJW.

In a previous age, releasing photo-doctored images of someone's nude body or someone's head on someone's nude bodyI could easily see the damages and how difficult it would be to disprove for the person in the image. Sure, the body may not truly be Page's and instead it may be that her face was placed into the CGI body, but why would they keep this? You are not allowed to request a sticky. If somehow, someway, those passwords get out, the bank can't just throw their arms up in the air and claim they took every precaution.

If she has said she doesn't want to appear naked then making a naked model is surely breaking that contract, surely Sony didn't think that she would be fine as long as they didn't put an actual photo or film of her naked in the game?

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And it wasn't long at all before these scenes within the game were being captured in screenshots and uploaded to Reddit. Germaximus October 22,5: If you fail to comprehend how Ellen Page might not be ok with having a 3D nude model of herself in a game where her name is plastered all over the cover, and where one of the main selling points was that it's Ellen Page playing the main protagonist then any further discussion is pointless.

Fred Phelps likes to believe that homosexuals all live lives of hedonism, casual sex and drug use. Hbo lesbian sex. Still, in case it wasn't clear, the debug mode necessary to do this isn't intended to be accessed by players, period. It might set some interesting precedents if the judges are completely bonkers; it now means that artistic interpretations of people qualify as those people.

The ability to capture real images in a lens and get an almost perfect representation of reality changed the world when it was released, but even then photo-doctoring was possible, and now it's de rigeur. It seems to me like all parties win here, and that success will spill over into the industry itself, because more people will learn to love this different kind of game and want to experience others like it.

It does for me. Beyond two souls ellen page naked. Reply Parent Thread Link. Because of those debug menus a lone armchair warrior was able to enable free-camera and get a nice, good, juicy view of all the action Now on to the goodies People can say "well, she should know that they were going to make a nude model.

Crystal Dynamics didn't create a nude model of Lara Croft and keep it in the game no matter how buried it might be in Beyond and they didn't break an agreement with that actress as Quantic Dreams did with Ellen Paige or we can pretty safely assume the contract was written as such.

Two Souls," according to the emails. The NSFW images are on an imgur page right hereshowcasing a near photo-realistic 3D scanned rendition of Ellen Page, completely and entirely without any clothing. Or don't and carry on with your bad behavior. Hot naked thick girls. To get the full frontal shots you need to get into a developer mode basically a hack which lets you totally freely move the camera.

Heavy Rain had full nudes of both Madison and Ethan that were obscured by camera angles. Without knowing her personally, i'd like to believe that her no nudity clause is more about class than her not being comfortable with her body. But that this behavior can be anything, at all, besides completely disgusting on the part of Quantic Dreams amazes me.

Why don't I start from the beginning, because this is already getting confusing. Although some sources say Page will be suing Sony for this, Page has not publically commented on the situation as of yet. Whatever hoops one must jump through to see it don't matter because it is still in the game's code regardless, there to be seen.

Every single one of these points falls down with the fact that it's not her body being displayed. Unfortunately, their attorneys at DLA Piper recently told us they would not engage in mediation, and objected to arbitration, leaving us with no choice but to file a lawsuit in Los Angeles. It would be a first for such a thing though especially since this is not her body or even made after her body. Realistic, motion-captured games like Beyond: You have been successfully subscribed to this newsletter.

What's more exciting than that?

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Once the nude body is done, all we have to do change the clothes to fit the situation for that character. Representatives for Sony Computer Entertainment, and Jeffrey Abrams, did not respond to repeated requests for comment.

Every single one of these points falls down with the fact that it's not her body being displayed. Octagon girls nude. Beyond two souls ellen page naked. And what is about this right or wrong thing?

Recca Kun Recca Kun 4 years ago 1 http: Come on even Patrick thinks it is a no case and just stupid. It was in the informality of a Bet Tzedek board meeting that Abrams first broached the subject of Page's unexpected nudity in "Beyond: Notes optional; required for "Other": That's like a bank storing plain text passwords on a 'secure' server. Stolen nude pics I mentioned legal issues, but I was wrong and therefore this case loses its point.

Which is to say, yes, of course, images of a naked Ellen Page from "Beyond: We have been engaging in discussions with Quantic Dream, which is based in France, regarding a potential mediation.

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